We’re headed back to Las Vegas to host Veterans, Guns & Cigars at Pro Gun Vegas, an exciting opportunity for veterans, active military personnel, and gun enthusiasts to come together and enjoy a day filled with competition and camaraderie. Last year, The Office Squad was a key sponsor for our event debut in the state of Nevada.

The Office Squad is a top-rated virtual bookkeeping and accounting firm founded by Dida Clifton, a U.S. Air Force veteran and military spouse. As a military spouse, Dida has experienced firsthand the unique challenges that veterans and their families face when it comes to employment and entrepreneurship.

Military spouses often struggle to find steady employment due to frequent moves, which can make it difficult to establish a career or build a business. The lack of job security and the need to constantly adapt to new environments can be a significant barrier to success. This is why many military spouses turn to entrepreneurship as a way to create their own opportunities and take control of their careers.

Dida’s own experience in the military and as a military spouse has shaped her commitment to excellence and dedication to supporting the military community. Her passion for helping others led her to found The Office Squad, where she and her team provide bookkeeping and accounting services to small business owners across the country.

This sponsorship reflects The Office Squad’s commitment to supporting the military community, particularly military spouses who face unique challenges in employment and entrepreneurship. They believe that events like Veterans, Guns & Cigars are an excellent way to honor veterans and bring them together in a supportive and welcoming environment.

The Veterans, Guns & Cigars event is hosted by Meritorious, an organization dedicated to providing networking, small business, and career resources to veterans and military spouses. The forthcoming event in Las Vegas will be on Veterans Day, and will feature live music, cigars, shooting competitions, and much more. It promises to be a unique and exciting day for all who attend.

Meritorious is proud to collaborate with small businesses like The Office Squad. We look forward to meeting and connecting with fellow veterans and military personnel at Veterans, Guns & Cigars Las Vegas 2023. Join us in celebration of our military heroes!

Partnerships: Empowering Veterans for Economic and Workforce Development

Meritorious Veterans, Guns & Cigars’ mission is to empower veterans and military spouses by providing them with new skill sets, professional development opportunities, and small business resources that promote economic and workforce development. By collaborating with key partners, we are able to expand our services, offer diverse experiences, and connect veterans with new networks, job opportunities, mentorship, and other resources critical to their success.