Scott Steiert shares how his special operations experience prepared him for a leadership role in a firearms company, the importance of networking pre- and post- service for all veterans, how to pursue a small business in the firearms industry, and why the 3-Gun Stag 15 is his choice rifle.

How did your military experience in special operations prepare you for a leadership role in a firearms company?

Special Operations have helped me in my leadership role in the firearms industry in a few ways.

  1. The leadership style in special operations is very hands off. However, most of the leaders in special operations lead by example. Through my journey up the ranks of special operations, I wanted to emulate the leaders around me because I respected them so much. My respect of my leaders did not only derive from their bravery and quick decision making in combat but also how they managed our team.
  2. Being from special operations gave me credibility and validity, so when I suggest something, my co-workers will more readily except what I have to say.
  3. Given the high-profile nature of many of our missions, I learned to keep a steady head in the presence of chaos and stress. This of course is valuable in any job as a leader.

How important do you believe networking is for military veterans transitioning to civilian careers, and what advice would you give to veterans who are looking to build their professional networks in the outdoor and firearms industries?

I believe it is always important to network no matter if you are transitioning or not. Networking especially in the gun industry is very important because the gun industry is relatively small. If you network well then there is a good chance someone in your network will know someone else in the gun industry that you, will need to get in touch with , for many possible reasons.

My advice for veterans looking to build their professional networks in the outdoor and firearms industry is to always be honest and deliver on your promise. Too many times I have seen vets embellish on their military service, which is lying. Just be proud of your service no matter what you did in the service. Just serving is a noble thing. Last, if you say you are going to do something then it needs to get done. If it can’t get done for reason you can’t help, then go back to what I first said and be honest and tell them you will not be able to deliver for whatever reason. People will appreciate your honesty more than anything else.

What advice would you give to someone who is pursuing a small business in the outdoor or firearms industry?

I would say to someone pursuing a small business in the outdoor or firearm industry is congratulations! I believe vets who start their own business work extra hard because it is their baby, for which they and solely responsible for what and how things get done. As a former small business owner, I would say be persistent but also polite when dealing with customers. Always show your customer’s respect. They will appreciate that and spread the news of your company through word of mouth, which is very important.

How does Stag Arms support military veterans, both through providing career opportunities within the company and supporting the broader military community?

Stag Arms support military veterans both through hiring veterans and supporting veteran organizations. Also, Stag is very empathetic to the sometimes-complicated issues that some veterans bring with them from combat. I for example am afforded time to work on self-help that is needed from years of combat exposure both physically and emotionally.

What is your favorite firearm that Stag Arms has produced, and why?

My favorite Stag rifle it this time is our 3-gun Stag 15. This gun is light, very accurate and a pleasure to shoot with the trigger that is in the gun.


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